To me, the month of November carries its own kind of beauty! Our garden is currently wrapped in a silky blanket of delicate fog and frosty leaves as well as mossy twigs are covering the frozen ground. I tried capturing this beauty with this transparency, which is now available for download!It can be printed on regular paper, card stock, or even be laminated. Simply print out, cut out, and display on a well lit window. 


Printable Mushroom Advent Calendar! The calendar comes with 24 intentional prompts (each mushroom stalk is a different prompt for the entire family) as well as 24 printable mushroom caps. The 24 prompts include simple recipes, Waldorf verses, easy crafting ideas, and select poetry. Learn how to make advent punch, craft spiced pinecone trees, make characters out of apples, bake marzipan cookies, and SO much more. Simply print, cut out, fold/ glue, and hang. 

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Celebrate the early days of winter by engaging in an outdoor scavenger hunt, making bird feeders, working on seasonal crafts, and enjoying printable verse cards and winter stories. 32 pages with 10 different, original projects. This is a secular resource. 

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I have put together this Waldorf Inspired Winter Festival Guide to inspire you with seasonal crafts, recipes, and tutorials. For $10 you will receive 33 pages of inspiring projects as well as a specially designed Santa Lucia transparency that is only available in this guide. 

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Download my 2020 Arts and Crafts Yearbook here. This collection of tutorials features over 100 arts and crafts projects for the entire year. The projects are separated into spring, summer, autumn, and winter projects and involve step-by-step tutorials and guides. $15. 

Free winter Crafting Tutorials:

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This printable window transparency is Waldorf inspired and showcases the four lights of advent. Each week, another "window" quadrant is lined with colorful kite paper illuminating the four lights of advent. Simply print on regular paper, carefully cut out using a crafting knife and self-healing mat, and use school glue to line the transparency with colorful kite paper.